Dr. Mingfu Wang 
Chief Advisor

B.Sc   Chemistry 

M.sc  Organic Chemistry 

Ph.D  Food Science

Dr. Mingfu Wang worked as assistant professor in Rutgers University before joining the University of Hong Kong. He is currently an associate professor in the School of Biological Science, The University of Hong Kong. He is also the chair of the HKSCC Science Committee. Dr. Wang has over 20 years of experiences in natural products research, food science, specializing in health benefits of natural products and food components. Dr. Wang has been working in the American natural products industry for a number of years. He is familiar with the R&D works in an industrial environment. His project related to skin whitening agent development was awarded with First Class Award from China First Personal Care Products and Raw Materials Symposium and the Natural Plant Cosmetics Industry Development Forum (2012). He was also awarded by the University of Hong Kong with HKU Outstanding Young Researcher Award (2011-2012) for his research achievement.

Dr. Shuting HU

B.Sc   Biological Science

Ph.D  Biological Science

Dr. Shuting Hu obtained her Ph.D. degree from School of Biological Science, The University of Hong Kong in 2014. She also worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Hong Kong in 2015.  Dr. Shuting Hu has extensive experiences in the study of the beneficial effects of natural products on the skin using cell culture and artificial skin model. She was awarded the prestigious 2013 Henry Maso Young Cosmetic Scientist Award by The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC). IFSCC is a worldwide federation dedicated to international cooperation in cosmetic science. She is the first scientist in Great China Region to receive such an award from IFSCC since 1956.